Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Clockwork Orange Costume Part 1: The boots worn by Alex and co.

After doing some research, it seems like all of the droogs as well as Alex wear the same pairs of boots. I was worried at first because I thought I'd have to shell out big money to import some British army boots, but it turns out that the boots are clearly US issued military boots. Specifically, the boots are vintage split-sole Corcoran paratrooper jump boots.
Unfortunately, that means getting a pair can be difficult and expensive. I have been looking at eBay and many of them are a brown/rust color; I believe these are from WWII and the Korean war. Therefore, any newer than that should be black. You can get new paratrooper boots for around $150, but the droogs boots look well-worn and have an older style shine and sole.

Look at the heels and count the pins holding them in place: 13 exactly.

It is also very difficult to find the split-sole shoes that Alex and co. wear. The regular sole jump boots from the 60s look virtually identical to the ones Alex wears. I purchased a set for around $75 in good shape. Any set of used Corcoran model 1500 boots will look good, and the only detail it won't have is the split sole (I can't imagine anyone calling you out on this detail, but if they do, give me their info so I can congratulate them).

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