Sunday, September 27, 2009

The problem with Pete from A Clockwork Orange

Pete is obviously smart. He doesn't screw with Alex much and is often spared punishment. He is also quite stealthy, and spends the least time in front of the camera. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to reconstruct his outfit. And while a casual viewer may say "They all wear the same thing," this is not true at all. Georgie has a downright bizarre outfit with a knit shirt and bloody bullet nipple things, and Alex has some sort of Edwardian or military, double pocket shirt, as well as those eyeball cuffs, among other details. Dim has a stripped shirt and eyeball suspenders. And Pete, well pete has a completely different shirt (no collar), different suspenders, that black beret, a totally different weapon, different eyeballs, large white buttons, and some bitching makeup. We'll get to all of this shortly but suffice to say, it is not easy being Pete.

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