Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Clockwork Orange Costume Part 7: Pete's epaulettes

These are hard to see, but Pete has bloody eyeballs on his shoulders, similar to Alex's cuff dressings. You can get these on eBay sometimes, but they are generally a part of the entire costume, which makes it costly. You can make them easily from either doll eyes or bouncy balls (I got some at Target in the Halloween section that already have eyes painted on) with a section of the bottom cut off in a slant so that it is looking up at you (the eye pointing toward you if your forearm were at a 90 degree angle) along with some fake blood and some hot glue. I will post instructions when I actually do it, since there are none available. I will say, if you are doing it for Alex, to be authentic, you should actually put the eyeball on a tan, not white, background to match the codpiece. See this image.

Here is a close-up of the some eB eyeballs Alex wears, which are ostensibly the same as Pete's (only on cuffs instead of shoulders).

I have been measuring several photos and it seems like Alex's hand, from wrist to where his pinky finger begins, is right at four inches. His cuff is around three inches, and the measurements of the off-white patch where the eyeball sits is:
6cm x 5.5cm
So far I am experimenting with khaki (his patch seems a bit off-white) as well as a light vinyl leather looking fabric.

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