Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Making a Clockwork Orange Costume

Dressing as a character from A Clockwork Orange for Halloween. I am sure thousands do it each year.
It is well and good, but I immediately several issues come to mind:

1) This is a pretty generic costume idea, ruined by emo douchebags throwing on a cheap dress shirt from Wal-Mart, some eyeliner, and some grannie panties or a jock strap, otherwise ignoring all of the details of the real costumes.

2) Alex is over-done so why not be a droog? (I will be Pete, the one with the beret and little screen time).

3) If I am going to do this, it will be the most authentic A Clockwork Orange costume ever.

4) This will take a lot of money and effort, and it will be best if you have a girlfriend or mom to do some minimal sewing.

So I thought I would show you how to make the perfect Pete droog costume. I feel this will be the most amazing Clockwork Orange costume I've ever seen, at least for Pete, and it will run around $400 after all of the clothes and accessories are purchased. I will also mention some specifics for the other Droogs and Alex if I run across specifics in my research, but I will focus on Pete.

Special thanks to the incredible site http://www.malcolmmcdowell.net/ for the incredible costume information and original photos necessary to get started on the Pete the Droog project. Now on with the show, thou globby bottles of cheap stinking chip oil!

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